There is something poetic about seeing the reality of society displayed visually, not through the creators’ inferences, but through actual data collected and displayed by our community—women of MRU coming forward and saying this is what makes us feel shame.

This was the exact reason we decided to create Shame of a Woman. Shame is something that is felt so deeply and is so troublesome and is so disruptive to a person’s life that we wanted to show this in a way that in itself is disruptive. Hence our choice of an equally disruptive material: tampons.

We wanted to be a part of a movement that connects women to one another, empowers them to share their experience, and makes all of us face the extent to which women are shamed by our society, ourselves, men, other women, and media and society.

Created by: Lauren Ceaser, Rosey Eason, and Kristina Lea (Fall 2018, MRU)