Stories of Feminist Protest and Resistance: Digital Performative Assemblies

Stories of Feminist Protest and Resistance: Digital Performative Assemblies foregrounds the importance of storytelling for coalition building, solidarity, and performative assembly. Bringing together scholars and activists from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, this book offers creative explorations, analyses, personal stories, and case studies of digital feminist activism that speak directly to the many ways that feminist communities assemble for the purposes of protest and resistance.

Feminists Coloring Feminists—new expanded edition

Colouring is a largely undervalued form of creativity, relegated to children’s play and trivial aesthetic pursuits. Like all normative patriarchal visions of what does and does not count as aesthetic, as creative, or as worthy of our time and efforts, colouring can be a space for mediation and release—a lower stakes way to make something beautiful, or ugly, generic, or spectacular, but always, always meaningful—because we are committing our time to expressing ourselves, even if it is for a brief, personal moment of respite.


We recognize and seek to amplify the work of the many intersectional feminist scholars and activists who have preceded us and who are our peers, especially those who are marginalized. Here you will find a curated collection of work that we find particularly inspiring, but that might not be part of any specific qlab initiative.