Instagram account documenting and amplifying marginalized voices in feminist, trans, queer, bipoc media.

Instagram account that provides a data base of feminist media practices both historical and contemporary. Centers on work in the account that advances the idea of ‘the personal is the political’ in some form. The account is intended for feminist publics interesting in learning about feminist media tactics of resistance that both came before the current moment of fourth-wave digital feminist activism as well as learning about current projects that continue this work. The account is dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices from LGBTQ+ and bipoc communities in its push against the colonial capitalist heteropatriarchy.

Which qlab research thread(s)?

  • Feminist Placemaking
  • Remediating Experience
  • Design for Social Justice

Offerings: @aesthetic.resistance

Research Team:

  • Shana MacDonald, University of Waterloo, account manager and content creator
  • Brianna I Wiens, York University, account manager and content creator
  • Sabrina Low, University of Waterloo, account manager

Partners: n/a

Supporters: SSHRC Insight Development Fund

Thanks to: n/a

Contact: Shana MacDonald,

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