There is something poetic about seeing the reality of society displayed visually, not through the creators’ inferences, but through actual data manipulated and displayed by a community.

Through the intersection of reflection, creation, and provocation emerged Shame of a Woman, a project for our 3rd year Information Design class at Mount Royal University, under the mentorship of Dr. Milena Radzikowska. Shame makes a deep and lasting impact on a person’s sense of self. It often elicits feelings of pain, regret, and self hate. It is a feeling that can taint our positive behaviours and speech, leaving us feeling flawed or unworthy. Shame of a Woman attempts to identify the sources of shame and to visually represent that women are not alone in feeling shamed for certain aspects of their biological existence. Furthermore, we wanted to show shame’s troublesome and disruptive nature in a way that in itself would be disruptive. Hence our choice of a provocative material: tampons.

Our project aims to connect women to one another, empower them to share their experience, and make all of us face the extent to which women are shamed by our society, ourselves, men, other women, and media and society.

Created by: Lauren Ceaser, Rosey Eason, and Kristina Lea (Fall 2018, MRU)