qLab asks its members to engage with qLab commitments as emergent and iterative practices that we work through together in qLab projects. Participation in a qLab project means participation in the development and articulation of the following practices:

  1. qlab is a public research lab. While our making is contextualized and theorized in terms that can be recognized as scholarly inside the academy, we are committed to engaging with people outside the university, with transparency and accountability, to effect demonstrable positive social change.
  2. qlab is grounded in intersectional feminist relationality in order to meet people in solidarity where they are. qLab recognizes that we ‘live identity’ in that we each have a set of identities that deserve respect, but that we also aim to hold space for other imaginations, identifications, and ways of being in community.
  3. qlab principally generates new concept models, new forms of praxis, and new forms of techne. In other words, different means of achieving the preferred futures that our feminisms imagine.
  4. A core goal for the lab is to re-orient ourselves to the conditions of the present in order to shift our understandings of the problem itself via practice, testing, and experimenting.
  5. qlab undertakes research on “wicked problems”, or complex, unsolvable problems that can only be approached by engaging multiple conceptual paradigms, processes, and stakeholders. Rather than solutions, we aim for better ways to move forward together.
  6. qlab works at the intersection of performance and technology, because we see that as a volatile site of social change, particularly influential upon young people and hence upon the future, that is not yet well understood.
  7. qlab recognizes and seeks to amplify the work of the many intersectional feminist scholars and activists who have preceded us and who are our peers, especially those who are marginalized.
  8. qlab embraces and values community-based research, and seeks to give back to the communities who partner with us in ways that are meaningful to them.
  9. qlab embraces and values student contributions, which means we value intellectual development in terms of monetary compensation, intellectual property, and individualized mentorship.
  10. qlab acknowledges that any “new” ideas are outcomes of collaborative discussions, previous practices, and a politics grounded in action.
  11. qlab expects, welcomes, and responds substantively and publicly to rigorous critique.